I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday, and in an overwhelm of emotions I had a lot to process. We, as in the entire world, are in a state of crisis. Living life in a surreal state of connected distance, unemployment rising, people dying, and prison lock-down, we have accepted a new normal while the powers that be use the common man as a sacrifice. In the midst of all this public pain, I’ve suffered a private loss. So on this personal note, it has added to my reflection of life.

My journey has taken many turns, had its ups and downs, and still carrying on in new forms of growth everyday. Some key takeaways that I have:

  • Most people are replaceable – physically and emotionally, nobody is forever. Connection gives life meaning and suffering should be no part of that equation. Whether you feel obligated to family, long time friendships, romantic relationships, jobs, if you’re hurting, REPLACE IT. Easier said than done, I am aware. However what we allow, the courage it takes to change, the discipline to maneuver, and the strategies to gain access are very much in our control and you should always we working to move differently. Peace sometimes comes when you prioritize your emotions and can think clearly.
  • Growth does not always result in money – a lot of times people will associate your professional growth, mental growth, and other developments to you gaining access to more financially. Some if not most times growth results in getting closer to peace.
  • Complacency has no place in bossing the fuck up – this goes for the company that you keep, the decisions you make, the time you manage, the projects you don’t finish, and the negative energy you harbor. If you are content in your status quo you will never be where you dream of, and if you don;t dream of anywhere you will always be the slave to a system that uses you as pawn.

As I continue my journey to financial independence and professional growth, I gotta appreciate the experiences that have gotten me here. I don’t regret choices I’ve made because I wouldn’t be the bad ass muthafucka I am today with out those choices. I’m open to more opportunities, more love, more connections, and far less suffering.

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