For as long as I can remember I’ve been told, in not so subtle ways, that women have to mature faster than men. Women need to mature faster to be able to care for and nurture children, keep up a household, and make sure their man is supported. So from the young ages, they were becoming women. In modern times, women are also supposed to be responsible for having a career and maintaining everything said previously. Not nearly as young as before, but still at a younger age than men.

Men on the other hand are molded to be providers and leaders of their household. Protect your woman and make sure she is comfortable. So their maturity in interactions with women varies depending on how they were raised.

As a young-ish woman, I am completely aware that I want a fulfilling career as a writer, to launch multiple businesses that can feed off of my writing and vice versa, be a supportive wife and possibly a mother one day;

Most men I’ve come across, younger and older, are still chasing girls, sowing wild oats and still not focused on a career, but still figuring out their job.

With that being said, let’s get back to the title of this post. In time comes wisdom, through experience comes maturity, and through trials comes knowledge. Men are either in one of two places, have themselves together but not with the right woman, or know the right woman and don’t have themselves together. Of course with the exceptions to the rule, there are those that found the love of their life and grew up quick enough to not risk losing what they desire. By the age of 32 a man has lived through his wild 20s figured out his career path and found/is wooing the woman he wants to be with. If you have reached that age and you are not quite there, that says a lot about who you are as a man and how much time you may have wasted.

I don’t want this to sound too preachy, but it is the truth in my experience, and it comes from a place of being hurt. I have allowed men to keep me that didn’t deserve me. I don’t want to be that wild time in your 20s because it was safe to hold my hand and keep me close while you were discovering who you were. He who knows every insecurity in my heart and plays to those points so well that I lose me in him, is nobody I wish to put energy in. After much needed therapy and healing, I know who I am. I no longer allow myself to keep getting hurt because it feels too good when you’re around and empty when you’re gone.

Feel free to dispute by offering insight and perspective. It’s not a wide ranging fact, but a personal experience I’ve had to learn from so as not to attract those types

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