I am beyond tired of seeing posts from men where they are describing what they like and don’t like about women. What they don’t like women to wear, how they act, or how they interact with them.


She a hoe.
She a slut.
She not wifey material
My girl couldn’t…
i wouldn’t let my girl…

Like who the fuck are you?

When I tell you it makes my blood boil when I hear women say “my man wouldn’t like…” biiih who is he?
I’m not about to disrespect my man or our relationship, but I wish a muthafucka would say I’m not “allowed” to do or say something. Women are not property to be controlled, molded, or manipulated to be more palliable and acceptable for display and consumption.

I can’t ven put all the blame on men for this, when mother after mother generationally have instilled this in their daughters to be good submissives to men because strong women aren’t necessarily lady like. Men feel entitled to women who are multifaceted but barely offer the same qualities in return. When you lack the basic skills of an adult and you rely on what a woman can do domestically or sexually you fail to develop the mental and emotional side of a relationship. So what are you left with after that fizzles out? Absolutely nothing, so now you have wasted time and energy with someone not meant for you because you weren’t looking for substance or strength but for if she can maintain a house.

We put so much energy on what other people should do for us instead of becoming better and more well rounded individuals. If you are a complete individual when you are looking for a companion your standards are a little different. But then again when you’re conditioned to look for someone to consume you don’t look for someone that can build and grow with you.

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