The type of woman that wants to see you happy, healthy, and thriving. Some boys will say she’s too much work, she’s difficult or a bitch, not for any actual reason other than she is holding them accountable for the man they promised to be. She’s not here to stroke your ego, or be on the sidelines while you figure out what to do with your future. The only thing to do is step up and be a better man or step aside so her future partner can find her.

I don’t know about other people’s experiences, but all too common for quality women is living on a spectrum of two extremes. On one end you have men that think all women want is to be taken care of in a subservient way because they had one bad experience with a woman that took advantage of his greatness. After he leaves that situation, he can no longer see the good women, he either befriends them or treats them like the bad apple underestimating the full potential of this partner. With the other end of the spectrum you have men that offer no value to a good woman but he has manipulated his way into her good graces only to hurt her, break her heart, and distract her from a man worth her time. If she ever leaves, she’s is emotionally damaged not knowing the difference in good men with lackluster intentions and toxic men that are using her for something.

To move past bad experiences is hard, because we get conditioned into these cycles of toxic relationships, bad timing, and pettiness that feels better to let ride than it does to have to look in the mirror and fix ourselves. Loving the wrong person is the biggest disservice you can do for yourself. It drains you emotionally, mentally, physically and then spiritually. But loving a good woman that you might be overlooking because of these bad apples and vice versa is good for your health. You shine brighter, you prosper in all that you do because of their encouragement, you eating good, smiling more, and just all around thriving.

With all that being said, if you can’t be honest with yourself about the mistakes you’ve made with past partners, you won’t be able to recognize the good ones that come around or have been in your face the whole time.

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