With the passing of my aunt fresh in my mind and heavy on my heart, I wanted to express some things to lighten the load.

I’ve lost a few people who are significant to me and it seems to only be getting harder. I’m pretty solid emotionally, but death is never easy no matter how prepared you are for what’s coming.

A few things to keep in mind while you’re dealing with a loss:

  • Take the time you need to heal, because nobody can tell you how to grieve.
  • Remember the positive memories because embracing that will make things easier to deal with.
  • Remember that you are not alone and that other people have lost who you love. Keeping that in perspective saves relationships.
  • Life will continue no matter who you lost, and how hard it is to face the day, so pulling yourself up when you want to be broken will go a long way to healing.

I’ve lost some huge figures in my life and each one a greater loss than the previous. These are people that helped mold me, give me sound advice, profound wisdom, hilarious stories and so many fond memories. Without them I wouldn’t be half of who I am and wouldn’t have half the potential for greatness that I currently possess.

Navigating my priorities and setting my goals so I don’t disappoint them or their memory, while I cry at night that I am lost without them. Remain strong because they were, hold it together because they believed in me, soldier on because they wouldn’t want me to fall behind. Who do I run to when I need to talk to you? I go to your memory, your legacy, your vision of me.

People die everyday B…that don’t make it any easier.

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