Baby you gotta love yourself!

For many big girls, clarity and self love doesn’t come until they understand the difference between sex and love. While it has never been a question of finding a man that wants to sleep with me, it is more of a question of them wanting to hold my hand in public afterwards. I confused men

10 things about loving a big girl

My insecurities have a long-standing relationship with my personality. They navigate me better than I ever could. So understand that I have been trying to break them up for a long time, and they occasionally pull me back in like a lover that won’t stay away. Don’t add qualifiers to compliments. If you think I’m

Welcome to my world…

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know the diva behind the magic. Please know that I will not tolerate bitterness, hate speech, racism, fat shaming, slut shaming, or any negativity in general. I am no stranger to online blogs, and I am no stranger to writing about my