Sex you want but don’t talk about

For fear of sounding weird or for fear of rejection, people are limited in their sexual experience because of what they want to bring to the bedroom. What I want to talk about in this entry are a few things for people to spice things up and step outside this box of inhibitions. Maybe you’ve

Advice we should listen to…

Eat more fruits and vegetables – They cleanse your system, plus they are good for the overall health of your body. Besides, they taste yummy! Drink water – It flushes toxins out of your kidneys and keeps your body healthy and hydrated. Get plenty of fiber – what? fiber, that’s for old people. While that

Do you love me? or do you want to fuck me?

Calling big women BBW’s perpetuates the fetish that so many seek to escape from. Stop calling me something I can find in a porn category and think that it is a compliment to my person. It sends up a huge red flag that you don’t respect me as a person and that you covet me

Learn to Break Up not Break Down

One of the hardest things to do in a relationship is to break-up. Letting a toxic relationship control your life is hard, but letting go of a comfort zone no matter how toxic is harder. Obviously, no break up is the same, but there are signs that you should be aware of that one may

When is Cheating…Cheating?

I remember back in the day when we were kids, well at least when I was a kid, those elementary school and middle school relationships, where if you even talked to someone that wasn’t you boyfriend or girlfriend everyone on the playground knew about it by recess. Guess who was in trouble and then dubbed

Not for your consumption

I am beyond tired of seeing posts from men where they are describing what they like and don’t like about women. What they don’t like women to wear, how they act, or how they interact with them. WOMEN ARE NOT BORN FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION! She a hoe. She a slut. She not wifey material My

Sex and Love

Sex is a game and Love is an art. Don’t try to play a game when you want to create art. -Dymond Diva​ When it comes to sex and love people tend to get things confused. The way to get to someones heart is not through their pants or up their skirt. You can’t expect

Loving me is good for your health

The type of woman that wants to see you happy, healthy, and thriving. Some boys will say she’s too much work, she’s difficult or a bitch, not for any actual reason other than she is holding them accountable for the man they promised to be. She’s not here to stroke your ego, or be on

Compliments are hard… well sorta…

I got my favorite backhanded slap in the face compliment, and it just made me think of all the awkward, perverse, inappropriate compliments I have come across in my few years of being “of age”. I know these types of compliments aren’t limited to big girls, but I’m no skinny bitch, so I won’t speak

Conscious Pleasure…

Let’s explore this concept, shall we. To start with a little basic background, from the time you are old enough to explore sexual desire you are told one of two things. If you’re a boy you are told sex is good and that it is your nature to explore your sexual desires. If you’re a