The Wisdom of 32

I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday, and in an overwhelm of emotions I had a lot to process. We, as in the entire world, are in a state of crisis. Living life in a surreal state of connected distance, unemployment rising, people dying, and prison lock-down, we have accepted a new normal while the powers

At the close of a decade

So much has happened in the last 10 years, that taking a little time for reflection and lessons learned is very necessary. Instead of a super long history of my life, I decided to condense it down to a list of bullet points. however with all the lessons I’ve learned the list may still be

Body Positivity

Like with most things, this phrase has been used and abused to the point in which it holds no weight. Body positivity isn’t about doing whatever you want or showing off your body, it’s about having a positive self reflection and encouraging others to the same end. I think messages and movements tend to take

Grieving the losses

With the passing of my aunt fresh in my mind and heavy on my heart, I wanted to express some things to lighten the load. I’ve lost a few people who are significant to me and it seems to only be getting harder. I’m pretty solid emotionally, but death is never easy no matter how

An unexpected journey of self discovery

I abstained from sexual relations for about 8 months this year, and before you ask no, it wasn’t for religious reasons or because of a bad breakup. I put more focus on my career and building my life and distanced myself from the causal hook-up culture I had grown so accustomed to. Over the last

Push Thru Baby…Push Thru…

Self love is the gateway to understanding and valuing your worth in the creative world. The biggest problems creatives encounter tend to be depression and self hate. The sheer amount of times you hear “I am my own worst critic” should tell you it is the motto of the creative community. Enduring the hate of

The wisdom, maturity, and knowledge of 32

For as long as I can remember I’ve been told, in not so subtle ways, that women have to mature faster than men. Women need to mature faster to be able to care for and nurture children, keep up a household, and make sure their man is supported. So from the young ages, they were

Self Awareness and Relationships

Let me preface this by saying I’m not talking about my relationship, but definitely speaking on previous ones. I definitely had a pattern of dating men that were emotionally damaged or completely unavailable. Very much used to the types of women that were emotionally abusive, physically abusive and the like. I never understood this cycle

My apologies

I was very wrapped up in my birthday plans and things got crazy with work, I faltered with my posting. I have a post that will be dropping tomorrow and working on another for Friday. Be on the look out for new Dymond Merch dropping soon a new button and sticker design.

Happy Birthday Diva!

With another year of life under my belt, I like to take time to reflect on how far I’ve come, where I’m going, and settling into where I am. I took a lot of big steps this past year, from publishing my second book to completely changing occupation industries. All of the things I’ve done