So much has happened in the last 10 years, that taking a little time for reflection and lessons learned is very necessary. Instead of a super long history of my life, I decided to condense it down to a list of bullet points. however with all the lessons I’ve learned the list may still be very long.

  • Everybody is not going to move how you move. They won’t have the same heart as you, so don’t expect what you do from other people.
  • When you harbor anger you are only hurting yourself, because most of the time the other person isn’t thinking about you.
  • People are seasonal. Don’t try to hold onto a season because you not ready for it to change.
  • Love will find you when your focus is on bettering yourself. You will get presented with a test and if you are prepared for love, you will let the right one in.
  • Managers will make or break your experience in the workplace. Remember that interviews are just as much for the applicant as it is for the interviewer.
  • White people hate everyone and want everyone to suffer. People that happen to be white are usually hilarious and they get “it”.
  • Meme culture exploded and moves so fast.
  • People have an emboldened sense of self when they are behind a screen, but would never say it in person. #TwitterFingers
  • A lot of black women have gone missing and nobody is talking about it. The disrespect of Black women needs to change and that honestly starts at home in our communities, and I’m not talking respectability politics either.
  • Black people were gunned down by the police at an alarming rate that got televised and not nearly enough people went to jail for it.
  • Black women still don’t care if you date outside of your race, just stop disrespecting them in the process.

So with these I say goodbye to the 2010s and hello to 2020s!

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